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Civics and Citizenship

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Civics and Citizenship is organised by three strands: Government and Democracy, Laws and Citizens, and Citizenship, Diversity and Identity. 

StrandsGovernment and DemocracyLaws and CitizensCitizenship, Diversity and Identity
  Involves a study of Australian democracy and the key institutions, processes and roles people play in Australia’s system of government. Australia’s Westminster traditions and the principles and values which underpin democracy are considered. Students present points of view on Australian democracy and contemporary issues based on consideration of multiple viewpoints and evidence. Focuses on Australia’s legal system, the creation of laws and the rights and legal obligations of Australian citizens. Explores the shared values of Australian citizenship, the diversity of Australia as a multicultural and multi-faith society, and factors that shape identity. It also covers an understanding of the common values and nature of citizenship in a diverse multicultural society.

Achievement standards

In Civics and Citizenship, students progress along a curriculum continuum that provides the first achievement standard at Level 4, and then at Levels 6, 8 and 10.

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