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Media Arts

  1. 7-8

Levels 7 and 8

Levels 7 and 8 Description

In Levels 7 and 8, students build on their understanding of structure, intent, character, settings, viewpoints and genre conventions in their media artworks.

Students extend use of media technologies...

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Levels 7 and 8 Content Descriptions

Explore and Represent Ideas

  1. Experiment with the organisation of ideas to structure stories through settings, genre conventions and viewpoints, in images, sounds and text (VCAMAE033)
  2. Develop media representations to show familiar or shared social and cultural values and beliefs (VCAMAE034)

Media Arts Practices

  1. Develop and refine media production skills using the technical and symbolic elements of images, sounds and text to represent a specific story, purpose and meaning (VCAMAM035)
  2. Plan, structure and design media artworks for a range of purposes that engage audiences using media elements, technologies and production processes (VCAMAM036)

Present and Perform

  1. Present media artworks within different community and institutional contexts for different audiences, with consideration of ethical and regulatory issues (VCAMAP037)

Respond and Interpret

  1. Analyse how technical and symbolic elements are used in media artworks to create representations influenced by genre and the values and viewpoints of particular audiences (VCAMAR038)
  2. Identify specific features and purposes of media artworks from contemporary and past times, including media artworks of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples, to explore viewpoints and enrich their media arts making (VCAMAR039)

Levels 7 and 8 Achievement Standard

By the end of Level 8, students identify and analyse how representations of social values and viewpoints are portrayed in the media artworks they make, distribute and view.

Students use intent, structure, setting, characters and genre conventions to shape technical and symbolic elements for specific purposes and meanings. They evaluate how they and others use these genre conventions and elements to make meaning. They identify and analyse the social and ethical responsibilities of both makers and users of media artworks in social, cultural, historical and institutional contexts.

Students produce representations of social values and viewpoints in media artworks for particular audiences. They use production processes, equipment and technologies to achieve their intentions.

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