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Content description VCADAD018

Dance / Foundation Level / Dance Practices
Content description
Use choreographic devices to organise movement ideas and create dance sequences
  1. imitating and extending ideas presented by another dancer, teacher, film or a peer
  2. extending single movement ideas into phrases and sequences by joining movements together, learning movement patterns varying known movement patterns, for example, changing body part, direction, level
  3. using questions to explore forms and elements, for example, as students create movement, they respond to questions from peers and/or teachers such as ‘which levels are you using in this dance?’
  4. developing awareness of and taking responsibility for safe dance practice, for example, being aware of self and others in the dance space, the boundaries of the dance space, and needs such as hydration
  5. learning and practicing skills and techniques such as coordinating breathing and movement, developing movement memory, copying and mirroring movement, combining stillness and movement, and different locomotor movements, for example, walking, skipping, running, sliding, galloping
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