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Content description VCADAD022

Dance / Levels 1 and 2 / Dance Practices
Content description
Use choreographic devices to select and organise movement ideas and create and practise dance sequences
  1. practising fundamental movements such as walking, running, marching, galloping, skipping, crawling, bending, stretching, twisting and turning, focusing on technical skills of body control, posture, strength, balance and coordination
  2. devising a range of body shapes and travelling movements suggested by action words focusing on the dynamic qualities, for example, rising, jumping, stopping, falling, opening, closing and then use the devices of repetition and contrast to form dance sequences
  3. using questions as part of the dance-making process, for example, asking how ideas are communicated in this dance, how they are varying speeds, levels, directions?
  4. exploring movement possibilities and making choices about ways of communicating emotions or observations about the texture of an object, for example, eating something sticky
  5. making decisions about how a short dance will begin and end, refining and evaluating options through feedback, practice and repetition
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