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Content description VCADAD030

Dance / Levels 5 and 6 / Dance Practices
Content description
Develop technical and expressive skills in fundamental movements and body actions and use choreographic devices to create dance sequences
  1. participating in structured improvisations designed to build technical skill in body control, accuracy, alignment, strength, balance and coordination
  2. making and recording decisions about selected movement such as what to keep, what to discard or how to extend an idea
  3. rehearsing a combination of fundamental movements using different dynamics and levels, for example, faster and slower
  4. preparing and presenting a work in progress, developing and asking questions to check whether intended ideas have been perceived by the audience and make refinements to the dance in response to feedback
  5. using questions to develop understanding of forms and elements, for example, the clues in a dance re where it was made, by whom and why, or dances they are familiar with, or the styles of dance found in their community, or how they would represent their neighbourhood in a dance
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