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Content description VCADAD035

Dance / Levels 7 and 8 / Dance Practices
Content description
Practise and refine technical and expressive skills in style-specific techniques
  1. learn, extending and practising movement vocabulary relevant to specific styles
  2. extending technical competences such as articulation, control, coordination, accuracy, alignment, balance, flexibility, strength and endurance
  3. using questions to develop or extend understanding of style-specific techniques, for example, viewing dances from different cultures and asking ‘is the relationship between dance, sound or music accompaniment the same for each dance?’, or ‘How costumes and props are used symbolically in dances?’
  4. applying safe dance practices when performing a specific dance style, for example, identifying the musculoskeletal system and linking to alignment
  5. analysing and practising technical skills to build safe dance practice, for example, develop awareness of self and others in a dance space and use techniques to control movement through the space
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