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Content description VCADAD036

Dance / Levels 7 and 8 / Dance Practices
Content description
Structure dances using choreographic devices and form
  1. selecting, combining, refining and sequencing movement using choreographic devices such as transitions, variation and contrast and choreographic forms such as binary, ternary and narrative
  2. using questions to analyse the form and use of elements in a dance, for example, how elements of dance been used by the choreographer to express their stated intention, what choreographic devices are evident in the dance, what choreographic form has been used
  3. analysing and evaluating structural choices made by documenting their process in a journal, blog or video recording, securing permissions as necessary
  4. responding to feedback by changing aspects of the dance to enhance communication of ideas, for example, by changing the order and pattern of dance movement, phrases or sequences or by using choreographic devices
  5. using collaborative planning, selection and evaluation process to structure group dances
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