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Content description VCADAE021

Dance / Levels 1 and 2 / Explore and Express Ideas
Content description
Use safe dance practice, fundamental locomotor and non-locomotor movements, body parts, bases and zones to explore, improvise and structure movement ideas for dance
  1. trialling ways of safely using the whole body and different body parts, bases and zones to communicate ideas, experiences and feelings, for example, making a rounded shape to explore ideas about enclosed spaces
  2. exploring options for creating and extending movements, alone and then with a partner, for example, forming and changing shapes within space
  3. using questions to explore ways of using forms and elements, for example, dancers consider how they can communicate an emotion or idea, how a shape can be varied, how two shapes can be combined
  4. using stimulus materials to explore ideas for dance, for example, using percussion instruments or body percussion to explore how movements can be varied by performing them at different speeds, or identifying patterns in images and recreating the ideas through movement
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