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Content description VCADAE034

Dance / Levels 7 and 8 / Explore and Express Ideas
Content description
Develop their choreographic intent by applying the elements of dance to select and organise movement
  1. experimenting with different elements of dance to explore ideas and develop a choreographic intention for example, translating rhythms and notations of spatial patterns into movement
  2. improvising and then selecting movement to best communicate a choreographic intention, for example, a mood or emotion
  3. exploring movements that may have symbolic meaning in a social or cultural context, for example, communicate a specific idea by developing a recurring movement idea or motif
  4. using questions to analyse how choreographers select and organise movement to communicate choreographic intent, for example, the cultural context in which the dance was developed or viewed, and its significance, or the stylistic differences in street dance performances from different countries or regions across Asia, Europe and the USA
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