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Content description VCADAP037

Dance / Levels 7 and 8 / Present and Perform
Content description
Rehearse and perform focusing on technical and expressive skills appropriate to style and/or choreographic intent
  1. identifying and demonstrating distinct stylistic characteristics of dance, for example, body posture and attitude within various styles such as contemporary music theatre or hip hop, from different locations such as Asia or USA
  2. using evaluation and rehearsal strategies to enhance confidence, clarity of movement, project, focus and musicality in performance
  3. linking the application of the elements of dance to the communication of the choreographer’s intent when performing learnt dance works
  4. experimenting with alternative expressive skills to enhance performance presence and mood
  5. using questions to evaluate dance, for example, how successful was the choreographer in expressing his/her stated intention to the audience, or how well did the dancers use expressive skills in the performance?
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