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Content description VCADAR046

Dance / Levels 9 and 10 / Respond and Interpret
Content description
Analyse a range of dance from contemporary and past times, including dance of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, to explore differing viewpoints and develop understanding of dance practice across local, national and international contexts
  1. investigating the influence of Australian and international dance artists and companies on dance practices, including the influence of those who identify as belonging to specific cultural groups, for example investigating the role and influence of Bangarra
  2. considering how global trends in dance influence the development of dance in Australia, for example, how global trends in street dance influence Australian dance, or how effectively have ballet conventions been manipulated within a work to communicate ideas and intentions
  3. identifying the impact of media and social and technological change on dance practice, for example, interactions between kinaesthetic and visual aspects of dance in forms that incorporate digital components or the way that dance by groups such as Djuki Mala (The Chooky Dancers) can be shared across the globe via social media
  4. interrogating the cultural and social roles and responsibilities of the dance industry, recognising the power of dance in advocating for change
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