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Content description VCADRD030

Drama / Levels 5 and 6 / Drama Practices
Content description
Develop skills and techniques of voice and movement to create character, mood and atmosphere and focus dramatic action
  1. varying use of voice, for example, projection, dynamics, pace, pause and pitch, to create and communicate characters’ intentions
  2. rehearsing, interacting and negotiating with others in interpretation of scripts to create characters and their relationships
  3. adjusting the weight (heaviness or lightness of movement), speed, use of stillness, levels in movement through space, to focus on character and situation and create dramatic action
  4. altering voice and movement to show changes in mood and atmosphere, and to create images, effects and an engaging delivery
  5. using evaluations to refine practice, for example, ‘How did the performers use the elements of drama and design elements effectively? For what purposes did they make drama? What evidence supports their judgment about the drama?’
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