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Content description VCADRD035

Drama / Levels 7 and 8 / Drama Practices
Content description
Plan, structure and rehearse drama, exploring ways to communicate and refine dramatic meaning
  1. planning, organising and rehearsing dramatic action to present performances of devised and scripted drama, for example, working collaboratively to determine a clear and intended purpose and using available stagecraft and theatre technologies, and realise this in performance
  2. using evaluations and responding to feedback when rehearsing, devising and scripting drama, for example, ‘What elements, forms and styles have been used? How have the elements and materials been used and organised to create meaning in different forms and styles? What elements, forms and styles are they using in their drama and why?’
  3. using documentation such as a journal, blog or audio/video recording to analyse and evaluate the structural choices made in their devised drama
  4. interpreting and directing scripted drama, considering how to use stagecraft and design elements to create specific effects
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