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Content description VCADRD036

Drama / Levels 7 and 8 / Drama Practices
Content description
Develop and refine expressive skills in voice and movement to communicate ideas and dramatic action in different performance styles and conventions
  1. developing and refining vocal qualities of audibility, clarity and contrast through control of pace, pitch, dynamics and use of pause and silence
  2. developing use of performance techniques and conventions relevant to selected performance styles, for example, refining use of the body to communicate through movement and stillness, and through realistic and non-realistic movement; and exploring ways to transition between scenes
  3. employing voice and movement appropriate to situation and manipulating space and time in dramatic action to heighten tension, focus action and shape meaning in a scripted drama
  4. developing techniques to engage an audience, for example, by expressing and experiencing character relationships through vocal dynamics and tone, eye contact, proximity and space
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