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Content description VCADRD043

Drama / Levels 9 and 10 / Drama Practices
Content description
Structure drama to engage an audience through manipulation of dramatic action, forms and performance styles and by using design elements
  1. learning and applying basic concepts for interpreting texts and contexts, directing dramatic action, and using available technologies
  2. focusing and strengthening the dramatic action by manipulating pace in movement and dialogue, cues, vocal tone, physical proximity between characters and transitions
  3. structuring the performance space to convey dramatic meaning and sense of style for an audience
  4. exploring realistic, non-realistic, innovative and hybrid dramatic forms and performance styles
  5. using questions to guide play-making process when devising drama, for example, What personal meaning is intended? What political statement is this work making? How have you used critical theories about drama to make your own drama? What emotion do you want the audience to feel?
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