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Content description VCADRP027

Drama / Levels 3 and 4 / Present and Perform
Content description
Shape and perform dramatic action using narrative structures and tension in devised and scripted drama
  1. considering ideas from drama they watch such as contemporary drama written/performed by an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander drama practitioner when shaping own drama, for example, which characters they identify with, and what relationships and situations do they recognise?
  2. applying story structures in their drama, including roles and events linked through cause and effect and dramatic tension, for example, exploring local Aboriginal stories and how they are dramatically portrayed as a reference for shaping their own drama
  3. performing their improvised sections of process drama and play-building
  4. planning and rehearsing their drama for a live or virtual performance, for example, a short scripted drama with a sense of role, situation and dramatic tension
  5. evaluating drama they perform, for example, ‘How well did they collaborate to make drama? What worked best in the drama?’
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