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Content description VCADRP044

Drama / Levels 9 and 10 / Present and Perform
Content description
Perform devised and scripted drama making deliberate artistic choices and shaping design elements to unify dramatic meaning for an audience
  1. working collaboratively as a member of a creative team to direct the blocking and staging of dramatic action to communicate intended meaning(s) for an audience
  2. exploring the impact of design elements and technology on dramatic meaning by using costumes, props, sound, multimedia and lighting, and considering impact of drama they view and evaluating options for their own work
  3. using evaluative questions to maintain a focus on creative aims and intentions, for example, at critical stages through the play-making processes asking a series of questions such as ‘How are the elements of drama being used to convey ideas? How are materials manipulated in this drama? How are the director and performers shaping skills and processes to make and communicate meaning? How are design elements being used?
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