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Content description VCADRR046

Drama / Levels 9 and 10 / Respond and Interpret
Content description
Analyse a range of drama from contemporary and past times, including the drama of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples to explore differing viewpoints and develop understanding of drama practice across local, national and international contexts
  1. evaluating conventions from past forms and styles to consider how these can be incorporated into own drama and contemporary practice, for example, ‘How successful were the actors and director in conveying the playwright’s stated intent? How successfully have the design elements been incorporated into the drama?
  2. identifying and describing the actor-audience relationship in different dramatic contexts, forms and styles
  3. linking conventions from different forms with purposes, origins and contexts
  4. identifying the impact of media, and social and technological changes on drama practice, for example, interactions between kinaesthetic and visual aspects of dance in forms that incorporate digital components
  5. interrogating the cultural and social roles and responsibilities of the theatre industry, recognising the power of drama in advocating for, and being a catalyst of change, for example, investigating how the work by contemporary Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander writers and performers for television, film, circus and comedy is impacting on community understanding about issues such as land rights and reconciliation
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