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Content description VCAMAE025

Media Arts / Levels 3 and 4 / Explore and Represent Ideas
Content description
Investigate and devise representations of people in their community, through settings, ideas and story structure in images, sounds and text
  1. creating a sequence of images, sounds and text or a combination of these, to clearly establish the beginning, middle and end of a story or an event
  2. constructing realistic representations of the classroom and then re-constructing fictional versions of the same space
  3. taking a series of photographs that show themselves and their friends as comic superheroes and villains, through setting, costume and body language
  4. experimenting with tension to create and sustain meaning in the structure of a media artwork, for example, creating relationships between scenes in a documentary
  5. experimenting with images to structure a narrative, for example, ordering and reordering images
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