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Content description VCAMAE029

Media Arts / Levels 5 and 6 / Explore and Represent Ideas
Content description
Explore representations, characterisations and viewpoints of people in their community, using stories, structure, settings, and genre conventions in images, sounds and text
  1. applying the conventions of an established genre to an ordinary everyday event to create humour, for example, a visit to the library as an action movie or lunch as a sports commentary on the radio
  2. exploring different power relationships and showing different perspectives on characters by framing images, for example, representing a power relationship drawn from their school or community
  3. designing and drawing a game character for a particular genre, considering the appropriate costume, mannerisms and genre-specific dialogue
  4. selecting combinations of media materials to represent the same person, location or idea in different ways in a multimodal form, for example, using different music or sound effects or images to represent the same story
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