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Content description VCAMAE034

Media Arts / Levels 7 and 8 / Explore and Represent Ideas
Content description
Develop media representations to show familiar or shared social and cultural values and beliefs
  1. investigating different viewpoints and making decisions about how they will represent a theme, concept or idea, considering media conventions and genres
  2. manipulating combinations of technical and symbolic elements such as composition, time, space, sound, movement, lighting, to represent ideas and feelings in their media artworks
  3. discussing and documenting their choices of representation to strengthen meaning in their media artworks
  4. discussing the different intentions of media artists and the influence of media artworks on different audiences, for example, how ideological or political perspectives are used to engage particular audience
  5. exploring media artworks that provide different ideas and concepts based on viewpoints and institutional practice, for example, the depiction of cultural groups and social values in Australian film and television
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