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Content description VCAMAM035

Media Arts / Levels 7 and 8 / Media Arts Practices
Content description
Develop and refine media production skills using the technical and symbolic elements of images, sounds and text to represent a specific story, purpose and meaning
  1. creating their own media artworks that fulfil audience expectations through story structure, such as including a point of conflict, building characters and achieving a resolution
  2. discussing how genres can be created through settings, images and sound, for example, creating mood and setting through images, sound and framing
  3. exploring genres such as narrative, non-narrative, experimental and documentary styles, and making a trailer in a similar style
  4. preparing a news story in print and for online publishing, and discussing the differences in the structure of content, meaning and delivery between the two media
  5. documenting the process of making their media artwork in journals, blogs, video or audio recordings, analysing and evaluating the structural choices they made
  6. analysing and evaluating the different contexts of media artworks and their effect on meaning for an audience, for example, how media artworks change when viewed outside the cultural context of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples
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