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Content description VCAMAP015

Media Arts / Level D / Present and Perform
Content description
Present media artworks that communicate a simple idea or story
  1. identifying the main features of a media art piece
  2. creating art pieces to communicate ideas, concepts, feels and/ or experiences
  3. creating a visual and sound picture card or poster using graphic software with the intention to meet an audience need, for example retell familiar l story or event to share with the class
  4. exploring viewpoints – societies and cultures: For example, what images will I use to tell my story, or represent an event?
  5. collecting and sharing, with permission of the people involved, class stories and presenting them in the form of a class photo story or PowerPoint
  6. assisting in the producing and presenting of a media artwork for a particular purpose, for example, creating a poster about behaviour when using cameras in the room
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