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Content description VCAMAP031

Media Arts / Levels 5 and 6 / Present and Perform
Content description
Plan, produce and present media artworks for specific audiences and purposes using responsible media practice
  1. designing a storyboard that reflects a key scene in a sequence, for example, an opening scene of a film that shows camera angles, transitions, edits, voice and soundtrack
  2. designing a navigational plan for a game, using multiple levels and obstacles, for example, creating and designing problems to be solved in order to progress to a new level
  3. creating a script for a radio production and documenting the appropriate permissions required for music and voice talents if it were to be aired on community radio
  4. considering the ethical implications of using different cultural images, including those of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, in publishing media artworks, for example, when making and publishing cultural images in an artwork
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