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Content description VCAMAR028

Media Arts / Levels 3 and 4 / Respond and Interpret
Content description
Identify intended purposes and meanings of media artworks considering who makes media artworks and the characteristics of audiences who view them in different social, historical and cultural contexts, including media artworks of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples
  1. describing representations and interpreting meaning in media artworks from different social, cultural or historical contexts, for example, different ways traditional stories such as Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander stories can be retold using media technologies
  2. comparing media artworks made for different purposes using appropriate language, for example, identifying similarities and differences between students’ representation of school and a television program’s representation of the same location
  3. comparing a range of media artworks, including those in the community, commemorating different people, times and cultures including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples
  4. writing about and discussing with others the meaning of their own media artworks using appropriate language
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