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Content description VCAMAR032

Media Arts / Levels 5 and 6 / Respond and Interpret
Content description
Explain how the elements of media arts and story principles communicate meaning and viewpoints by comparing media artworks from different social, cultural and historical contexts, including media artworks of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples
  1. identifying story structures or particular technical or symbolic elements, such as shot type, sound quality, lighting or setting, that contribute to formation of genre in media artworks
  2. researching and comparing historical and contemporary media representations and explaining how context influences the characters, stories and values portrayed in the media artworks, for example, comparing TV representations of families
  3. discussing the role of media artworks in sharing cultural information about a group of people, including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, and their spirituality using appropriate images and story principles
  4. describing protocols about acceptable and unacceptable use of borrowed material in making and publishing media artworks
  5. discussing safety issues and cultural sensitivities in relation to acceptable and unacceptable use to personal and cultural images, sounds, and texts when making and publishing media artworks
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