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Content description VCAMAR045

Media Arts / Levels 9 and 10 / Respond and Interpret
Content description
Analyse and evaluate how technical and symbolic elements are manipulated in media artworks to challenge representations framed by social beliefs and values in different community and institutional contexts
  1. explaining how technical and symbolic elements, such as camera techniques, editing, sound rhythm and mise-en-scène, evoke a personal response such as excitement or fear, or convey an issue or idea such as differing opinions about climate change
  2. reviewing a media artwork and adding to, disputing or endorsing the opinions expressed by another source
  3. comparing the same idea, event or story presented in artworks in different media, explaining how different technical and symbolic elements are used to engage audiences and influence personal perceptions, for example, comparing two media artworks dealing with a current news event
  4. deconstructing a film or television work that includes representation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples to analyse and evaluate the representation of traditional beliefs and values within contemporary cultures
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