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Content description VCAMUE025

Music / Levels 3 and 4 / Explore and Express Ideas
Content description
Use imagination and creativity to explore pitch, rhythm/time and form, dynamics and tempo using voice, movement and instruments
  1. varying the use of the elements of music to create different effects, for example, singing with gradual dynamic and tempo changes or altering the expressive shape of repeating phrases
  2. exploring and varying instrumental timbres in isolation and combination, for example, playing softer or louder, or changing the playing technique on an instrument
  3. identifying and explaining features in music using terminology and a range of notation
  4. using imagination to explore concepts, for example, lightness and weight, considering the effective use of the elements
  5. using movement to demonstrate an understanding of musical form, for example, changing actions as the music changes or devising a movement sequence to show different sections in a song or instrumental piece.
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