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Content description VCAMUE033

Music / Levels 7 and 8 / Explore and Express Ideas
Content description
Experiment with elements of music, in isolation and in combination, using listening skills, voice, instruments and technologies to find ways to create and manipulate effects
  1. identifying use of elements of music, for example, pitch contour/phrasing , articulations, dynamics, tempo, tone colour, melodic or rhythmic patterns in music they listen to and perform or transcribing ideas for use in own performance or composition
  2. improvising on given material to extend music ideas through singing and playing, for example, learning (aurally), memorising and then extending a short melodic motif
  3. experimenting with texture by layering sound in different ways, for example, using looping software
  4. manipulating sound quality by exploring how sounds are produced by different instruments and voice types, for example, manipulating timbre, dynamics or by trialling use of different bowing or breathing techniques or use of equipment such as a plectrum, and using this knowledge when learning a new solo, improvising or composing an ensemble piece
  5. using listening response as starting points for improvisation, composition or performance, for example, how are the elements of music manipulated to create an effect/mood/feel? How can I manipulate dynamics/articulation/tone colour to achieve this effect in performance?
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