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Content description VCAMUM002

Music / Level A / Music Practices
Content description
Experience the use of voice and/or instruments through chants, songs and rhymes
  1. exploring instruments by using an instrument coactively safely and appropriately, reacting to the touch of an instrument, or holding and using an instrument with assistance
  2. exposed to various chants, song, rhymes and may coactively accompany with voice or instrument, reacting to or indicating a preference
  3. provided with rich sensory experiences that give them opportunities to explore sights, sounds, textures, enjoy and appreciate music
  4. experiencing and practicing techniques with support for playing classroom instruments
  5. exposed to playing music to experience the expressive possibilities of their voices and instruments
  6. exposed to music for various purposes and intentions, for example using music for relaxation, movement, to reflect different settings and feelings and creating environment to reflect the purpose
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