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Content description VCAMUM022

Music / Levels 1 and 2 / Music Practices
Content description
Sing and play instruments to improvise, compose and practise a repertoire of chants, songs and rhymes, including those used by cultural groups in the local community
  1. practising and performing music, learnt aurally and through reading from invented and learnt symbols
  2. singing and playing music to explore the expressive possibilities of their voices and instruments, for example in music games
  3. using responses to music to inform interpretations, for example, how is the mood of this music communicated? What instruments were used and how was their sound different?
  4. using movement and body percussion to create accompaniments for songs, chants and rhymes
  5. learning songs that were created in or are about the local area, for example, learning a song taught by a member of the local Koorie community
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