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Content description VCAMUM026

Music / Levels 3 and 4 / Music Practices
Content description
Use voice and instruments to sing, play and arrange music from different cultures, times and locations, and improvise and compose music in different forms
  1. practising singing and playing a range of music from different cultures, including cultures within their local community
  2. experimenting with ways of singing and playing expressively, such as learning and practising a song with different dynamics and tempo or adding introductions, accompaniment patterns or movement
  3. exploring given rhythm and pitch patterns, structures or timbres to improvise and create music and record the resulting compositions, for example, manually or with technology, using a combination of graphic and conventional notation
  4. practising reading traditional and invented notation in music as they rehearse and perform
  5. researching information to guide decisions about how the music should be performed, for example, why was this music written, who were the original performers, how can performers communicate the composer’s ideas?
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