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Content description VCAMUM030

Music / Levels 5 and 6 / Music Practices
Content description
Develop and practise technical skills and use of expressive elements of music in singing, playing instruments, improvising, arranging and composing
  1. practising interpreting and applying more extended or complex rhythm patterns and overlaying patterns
  2. making choices about how to interpret graphic and conventional forms of notation
  3. exploring rhythm, pitch, texture and expressive elements, for example, dynamics, tone colour or articulation to create contrast, repetition and balance in improvisations, arrangements and compositions
  4. using technology to monitor progress in learning and rehearsing music they have composed, for example, using a mobile device to record a work or using a checklist to evaluate how well the music is achieving intended effects
  5. using listening responses to guide development of compositions and performances, for example, what evidence supports your decisions about the way dynamics should be used in this performance?, how can dynamics be indicated in this score?
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