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Content description VCAMUM035

Music / Levels 7 and 8 / Music Practices
Content description
Create, practise and rehearse music to develop listening, compositional and technical and expressive performance skills
  1. learning and rehearsing Australian works from different musical styles and traditions
  2. creating chord progressions and improvising melodies, focusing on style specific techniques, for example, using scales or modes
  3. using notation and audio recordings to evaluate options for creating music, for example, recording work in progress and evaluating against criteria they have developed from listening to performances of works in similar styles
  4. exploring and manipulating the elements of music within given parameters to create a personal interpretation, for example, ‘what is the social or cultural context of this piece, for whom would it be performed, and how might this influence the performance? What features of the music indicate it is from a particular time or location?’
  5. using listening skills to experiment with ways of achieving cohesion and balance in ensemble performances and make choices to communicate the composer’s intentions, for example, identifying which instrument has the melody, which instruments are playing the same line, an accompaniment, or driving the feel?
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