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Content description VCAMUM036

Music / Levels 7 and 8 / Music Practices
Content description
Structure compositions by combining and manipulating the elements of music and using notation
  1. combining and manipulating the elements of music to imitate a range of styles, for example world music styles, street music styles, jazz styles, minimalism, K-Pop, a capella, dance styles
  2. exploring ways to combine and extend music ideas within specific forms such as song form, ABA, or improvising motifs and combining them with a chord progression to create music for a film-score segment to create solo (unaccompanied) work or an ensemble work
  3. arranging a familiar melody, for example, writing counter-melody, bass line and variations or reworking the rhythm/feel to fit a particular music style and create a score using notation (by hand or with technology)
  4. exploring technologies as tools for creating, notating, recording, sharing and discussing music ideas, for example, how effectively are the expressive techniques indicated in the notation of the composition? What are the strengths of this performance or composition?
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