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Content description VCAMUM043

Music / Levels 9 and 10 / Music Practices
Content description
Plan, develop, and notate compositions with an understanding of style and convention
  1. composing, improvising and arranging in different styles, exploring different instrumental combinations or combining acoustic and digital sounds, for example, improvising over accompaniment created in real-time using a looping pedal
  2. creating music for different purposes and occasions, for example, a film soundtrack, that enhances the narrative arc of the film
  3. composing and arranging music using the elements of music to communicate style and genre, considering contemporary Australian styles and emerging genres such as Aboriginal hip-hop, mash-up and classical fusion of instrumentation such as orchestral instruments and the didgeridoo
  4. manipulating elements of music and performance techniques to elicit emotional responses appropriate to the narrative when composing music for a game or film
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