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Content description VCAMUP031

Music / Levels 5 and 6 / Present and Perform
Content description
Rehearse and perform songs and music they have learnt, including their own compositions, combining aspects of the elements of music and using performance skills, to communicate ideas and intentions to an audience
  1. considering the layout and sound quality of performance spaces when planning live performances
  2. exploring and applying different performance styles, and drawing on music from other locations, cultures and times as sources of ideas, for example, using relevant protocols for representing community or cultural stories such as songs or stories from the local Koorie community in performance
  3. using appropriate breath control, phrasing and interpretation in a range of contexts
  4. applying the tone colours of instruments and sounds from different times, places and cultures, for example, the djembe or angklung
  5. describing intentions for a performance, for example, what do the performers intend audiences to experience and understand from the music? How will performers manipulate elements of music to create these effects?
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