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Content description VCAMUP044

Music / Levels 9 and 10 / Present and Perform
Content description
Perform music applying techniques and expression to interpret the composer’s use of the elements of music and compositional devices
  1. setting up the performance space and using production elements to enhance a sense of style for an audience
  2. performing music from scores made by themselves and others, exploiting musical features of works across a range of styles and contexts in performance, for example, how are these two performances different, which one was more successful with audiences and why?
  3. recognising the influence of social, cultural and historical developments and incorporating these into their performance, using performance techniques and manipulating expressive elements to communicate the composers’ intentions
  4. using aural skills and reading notation to develop interpretation as they perform known and unknown repertoire in a range of styles
  5. using listening as a research tool to develop aims for a performance, for example, comparing performances and identifying features that audiences connect to
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