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Content description VCAMUR045

Music / Levels 9 and 10 / Respond and Interpret
Content description
Evaluate a range of performances and compositions to inform and refine their own music making
  1. analysing how the use and combination of the elements of music defines their developing personal style and how their style is influenced by cultural and historical styles, for example, features of a piece that are typical of the social context in which it was created
  2. listening to, analysing and comparing the performance practices of others to shape and refine their interpretation of a piece of music, for example ‘what historical influences are evident in this performance?
  3. comparing music from different styles to identify and describe stylistic, cultural and historical practices and inform their own composition and performance practice, for example, evaluating the use of the elements of music when listening to and interpreting music
  4. investigating why and how different traditions, styles and contexts affect the experience and interpretation of a piece of music and taking this into account when interpreting and composing music, for example, How are the elements of music used in this piece to convey a cultural identity?
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