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Content description VCAMUR046

Music / Levels 9 and 10 / Respond and Interpret
Content description
Analyse a range of music from contemporary and past times, including the music of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples to explore differing viewpoints, enrich their music making, and develop understanding of music practice in local, national and international contexts
  1. evaluating and comparing stylistic interpretations of a range of music to develop aesthetic awareness
  2. comparing and evaluating audience responses and performer roles across a broad range of formal, informal, virtual and interactive settings
  3. evaluating their own and others’ music, and using feedback to refine and improve performances and compositions
  4. discussing the influence of music on the development of personal and cultural identity in local, national and international contexts, for example, by considering songs by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander musicians and/or other Australian musicians who draw on the cultures of their families and asking questions such as what is the cultural context in which this music was composed or performed or how does this music relate to cultural identity of its composer/performer?
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