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Content description VCARC158

Arabic: F–10 Sequence / Levels 7 and 8 / Communicating / Informing
Content description
Present information to describe, compare and report on ideas and experiences in print, digital and multimodal formats selected to suit audience and purpose
  1. conveying information in texts such as notices and newspaper announcements to inform others about an issue of interest or an upcoming event, for example,

    إعلان هام؛ تحتفل الجالية العربية بعيد الأم في إحتفال كبير في الحديقة العامة يوم السبت القادم؛ الدكتورة ريم ستلقي محاضرة عن الشباب والمستقبل في الجامعة

  2. presenting views on topics related to personal experiences in texts such as blogs, emails and speeches, for particular purposes and audiences
  3. organising information and presenting it to an Arabic-speaking audience, for example, creating a visual presentation comparing cultural aspects of life at school and at home for young Arabic speakers or a video recording of a cooking demonstration for their classmates
  4. reporting on own and others’ experiences, such as holiday trips or a school camp, in a text such as a digital presentation, and comparing own experiences with others’, using expressions such as

    بالنسبة لي، الرحلة كانت ممتعة بينما غالبية تلاميذ الصف شعروا بالملل؛ بالرّغم من الساعات الطويلة التي قضيناها في الطريق؛ إلا أنني لم أشعر بالتعب لكنّ أصدقائي كانوا متعبين جداً

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