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Content description VCARU170

Arabic: F–10 Sequence / Levels 7 and 8 / Understanding / Role of language and culture
Content description
Understand and reflect on language choices made in everyday communication in order to express ideas and perspectives that relate to cultural elements
  1. identifying and discussing how values or attitudes are differently reflected in Arabic and English, for example, attitudes to being on time reflected in language such as لا تستعجل؛ لن تهرب الحفلة؛ لا تهتم يوجد وقت كثير , and social interactions such as expressing thanks or appreciation more or less directly, or attitudes to making an apology
  2. considering how differences between ways of using language reflect cultural influences, for example,

    العبارات التي تقال في المناسبات: ألف مبروك؛ عقبى للمئة عام؛ بالأفراح والمسرّات؛ زواج مبارك

  3. examining how and why language and cultural practices are interconnected, for example, by identifying religious origins or connotations associated with places such as

    كربلاء؛ مكة الكرمة؛ أورشليم المقدسة؛ ديرالزور

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