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Content description VCAVAE005

Visual Arts / Level B / Explore and Express Ideas
Content description
Explore materials to create visual artworks
  1. exploring their environment including images, textures and space and responding through creating visual artworks and design
  2. creating artworks such as a painting or collage by identifying the colours and materials they want through simple choices making such as pointing, reaching or communicating what they want to use, for example the colour from a field of two or three choices and adding them with assistance to their artwork
  3. making artworks in response to their environment or specific stimuli such as music, an object or event
  4. exploring the use of colour and materials before and during creation of visual artworks or design
  5. creating artworks in structured activities which related to self, others and personal environments in different forms, for example, painting, sculpture, photography of self
  6. exploring different art, craft and design styles from other cultures
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