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Content description VCAVAE021

Visual Arts / Levels 1 and 2 / Explore and Express Ideas
Content description
Explore ideas, experiences, observations and imagination and express them through subject matter in visual artworks they create
  1. looking at an artworks and present a range of interpretations of the subject matter based on their ideas, experiences, observations and/or imagination
  2. observing and recording the people and objects they experience in their daily lives using different art forms and materials
  3. exploring the use of visual conventions in artworks, for example, what colours were used, and how, why is the colour it used in this way?, and express these conventions in their own artworks
  4. drawing images and making objects related to self, others and personal environments in different forms, for example, painting, sculpture, photography
  5. identifying and using visual conventions in their artworks focusing on different styles, subject matter and art forms from different cultures and historical periods, including artworks by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples
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