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Content description VCAVAE025

Visual Arts / Levels 3 and 4 / Explore and Express Ideas
Content description
Explore ideas and artworks from different cultures and times as inspiration to create visual artworks
  1. researching artworks of different styles and artists from different times and cultures, to inspire their own expression of ideas, for example, in forms such as printmaking and drawing, and styles such as realism or expressionism
  2. discussing the role of the artist and artworks as an expression of society and culture, for example, discussing the role of artworks from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and the stories they tell
  3. exploring ways to express their ideas using visual conventions from different historical, social or cultural contexts
  4. experimenting with visual conventions and styles from different cultures to create particular visual effects in their artworks
  5. identifying and explaining choices in art making, for example, including forms, styles and visual conventions in their artworks, and the influences of other artists on their artworks
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