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Content description VCAVAE029

Visual Arts / Levels 5 and 6 / Explore and Express Ideas
Content description
Explore visual arts practices as inspiration to create artworks that express different ideas and beliefs
  1. exploring how artists select and manipulate materials and techniques and use these in their own art making
  2. exploring ideas and expressions when making artworks inspired by observation or imagination, for example, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander art from the local community, graffiti art, graphic design, or manga art
  3. analysing the materials used by artists in artworks to enhance the meaning of the work, for example, the choice of material to enhance the viewer’s understanding of the artist’s intention
  4. exploring the ways in which artists communicate their views, beliefs and opinions in artworks and use these in their own art making
  5. making aesthetic choices about the expression of ideas and beliefs and describe the use of visual conventions and processes
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