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Content description VCAVAE033

Visual Arts / Levels 7 and 8 / Explore and Express Ideas
Content description
Explore visual arts practices as inspiration to explore and develop themes, concepts or ideas in artworks
  1. combining and adapting materials, techniques, technologies and art making processes to explore ideas
  2. discussing how artists have applied materials and techniques to express emotions and consider this in their own art practice, for example, why and how artworks make them feel emotional, and can they apply a similar technique to their artworks?
  3. observing and investigating how artists select and apply different visual arts techniques to express themes, concepts and ideas and considering how they could use these in their own art making
  4. combining, adapting and manipulating images and objects from several sources to develop a theme in their artworks
  5. exploring why artists have use specific stylistic qualities in their art works, for example, – why an artist use a particular style of expression? What other forms and styles suit the message the artist is conveying?
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