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Content description VCAVAP044

Visual Arts / Levels 9 and 10 / Present and Perform
Content description
Create, present, analyse and evaluate displays of artwork considering how ideas can be conveyed to an audience
  1. visiting galleries, art museums and public art displays, in formal and informal settings, to research the role of the curator and the evaluate the effective display or exhibition of artworks
  2. exploring a range of artworks in different settings and discuss how the location can influence the viewer’s understanding of the artwork.
  3. developing and expressing ideas as images, objects and spaces for example, presenting artworks and highlight how artworks demonstrate the interaction between the artist and the audience
  4. discussing the presentation and relationships of artworks in an exhibition, and how the display enhances the relationship between the artist and audience
  5. applying ethical understandings to a theme, concept or subject matter when making their artworks.
  6. investigating the role of commercial galleries and collectors in the making of artworks, for example, sponsorship of work and artworks commissioned for a commercial business
  7. documenting experiences and observations from visiting an exhibition and apply this knowledge to develop a physical or virtual exhibition of their own or others’ artworks
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