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Content description VCAVAR024

Visual Arts / Levels 1 and 2 / Respond and Interpret
Content description
Respond to visual artworks, including artworks by local Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, by describing subject matter and ideas
  1. identifying where students can experience art in their lives and communities, for example, keeping a diary of ‘art experiences’ and discuss how visual artworks communicate subject matter and ideas
  2. discussing why artworks are made, by whom and for what purposes, for example, who made the artwork? where is the artwork from and why was it made? Where and how are artworks displayed?
  3. describing how visual conventions are combined in their artworks and in the artwork of others to express ideas and concepts, for example how Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists use visual conventions to express ideas
  4. describing and interpreting ideas in a selection of artworks, for example, considering the subject matter, styles and techniques of a selection of artworks, and how the artworks make the viewer think and feel in response to the artists’ intentions
  5. describe the role of artist in expressing subject matter and viewer in interpreting meaning in artworks
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