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Content description VCAVAR046

Visual Arts / Levels 9 and 10 / Respond and Interpret
Content description
Analyse, interpret and evaluate a range of visual artworks from different cultures, historical and contemporary contexts, including artworks by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples to explore differing viewpoints
  1. analysing the role of visual arts as a means of challenging prevailing traditional ideas, for example, how contemporary Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artworks challenge prevailing traditional ideas about traditional art styles from this culture
  2. identifying how visual arts professionals embed their values and beliefs, and how audiences react and interpret the meaning and intent of their artworks differently
  3. discussing the range of viewpoints expressed about an artwork or art issue
  4. considering the practices of visual arts practitioners when making commentaries about social, environmental and sustainability issues
  5. interrogating the cultural and social roles and responsibilities of arts industries, recognising the power of the visual arts in advocating for, and being a catalyst for, change
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